What are the fabrics used in sewing bedding?

 When sewing sheets, duvet cover, pillowcases you can choose a variety of fabrics - linen, cotton, sateen, silk, polyester, wool. The most common fabrics used for bedding - cotton and wool. The fabric quality, durability and strength depends on the density, e.g.  How many grams of cotton per square meter. For example, the composition of the material on canvas 145 gr. square meter - high density, so the shell fabric bedding set will serve a long time, will not wear out quickly, and won’t entangle into woolly balls.

What kind of bedding set to choose?

Each person has individual tastes, desires as well individual and limitless. You are about to update your bedroom and buy a new bed set, but it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The proposed bedding range of colours and designs in abundance, composition of matter - in fact it is difficult to choose. Most want and are looking for warm, soft, comfortable, practical, solid or patterned bedding set, but at the same time and not very expensive. Of course, these features are quite hard to match, so it is recommended to choose a few important of your particular needs properties such as linen fabric and material life.

 Let’s briefly discuss the canvas and sateen fabrics. Canvas – 100% cotton fabric is mainly used in the production of bedding industry, as characterized by longevity, durability, it nice to relax in, does not allow you to sweat, they feel cosy and comfortable. Sateen - also 100% cotton fabric is especially soft, lightweight,  feel nice  on the body, reminiscent of silk, that feels good to the touch, but their properties more expensive fabric than canvas. Sateen material, despite the fact that it is light, soft, gentle, but thanks to a specific yarn preparation and weaving of the technology, it is very strong, durable and one of the STRONGEST materials  against fading.

If you want a purchased quality bedding set to last in the long term, the fabric not to lose its properties - it is necessary to properly maintain and take into account the recommendations made by the manufacturer on the label. It is important to pay attention to the following key recommendations: wash temperature, drying choice, ironing temperature.

What size of bedding to choose from?

 After deciding to buy a new bed set take great care to choose the right size bedding. Both blankets, covers, and sheets depend on the beds where you sleep in dimensions. First of all you need to know, and if you do not know measure your bed and buy the bedding set that is 5-10 cm bigger than the bed. When you buy exact size or slightly smaller bedding - bedding may not be appropriate.

How to choose the bedding set colour?

Today there is a wide choice of monochrome, coloured, striped, plaid bedding sets. One of the most important things in choosing the colour - your bedroom style, the colours of furniture and other interior components, to which should be coordinated bedding set colour. Especially trendy and stylish monochrome bedding combine with different pattern elements. For example, if you choose a monochrome drape, the pillowcases, blankets, pillowcase pattern will fit. Light bed gives the bedroom light, vibrancy, a feeling of warmth. Dark-coloured bedding is particularly appropriate to the bedroom light interior, but on the darker bed soon can be seen various fluff.

How often to wash bedding?

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in bed? After many cold winter nights, many cover their selves in a warm blanket, sipping hot tea and love to spend more time with the book in their hands, or watching a good old movie in bed not necessarily dressed. Clearly, the maintenance of your clothes and care of your cleanliness comes naturally however, washing bedding appears relatively rare. Some wash bedding every two weeks, others once a month, but it is not good. Rarely changed and properly supervised bedding does not guarantee you a healthy, well-thought-sweet sleep. So it is advisable to wash bed linen once a week or at least every two weeks.  To wash the bedding you must choose the wash program on the product label, use the highest tolerable temperature, because it destroyed all the bedding accumulated bacteria. Health, sweet, calm and good quality sleep - essential for everyone.

How to wash bedding to make it last like a new one?

How to wash bedding can be found on the manufacturer's label and the information that must be followed in order to preserve the properties. It is also very important to know and keep in mind that different types of different coloured fabrics cannot be washed together. In preparation for washing blankets, covers, pillow covers, bed sheets, to save fabric colours, ensure fabric doesn’t stretch, rumple into balls, to preserve quality they must be turned inside out, zips and button fastened. When washing coloured linen separate to ensure it doesn’t dye. In view of the bed material composition, use suitable detergents, preferably liquid detergents without bleach.  For each textile fabrics choose an appropriate washing machine temperature.