Undoubtedly, the bedroom is the place where everyone can relax, rest and recuperate after day's work. For rest and sleep to be comfortable, it is very important not only the bedroom interior design, but also the kind of bedding you sleep in. Each individuals taste, decides to purchase a set of bed linen. It is important to keep in mind the style and try to combine this with his bedding. The quality of the material composition, design, size, colour, price - this is one of the most important things that concern the customer when making a bedding choice.

ID-100105571In today's market there is an abundance of shops offering to buy cotton, linen, satin, silk or synthetic bedding for a range of prices. Undoubtedly, price is important, but it is also important to pay attention not to the lowest price for bedding and into the tissue from which it is made ​​up, the composition and quality of material. Bedding sets sewn from various fabrics - linen, cotton, synthetics, flannel, silk. It should be known that cotton can be of various types - batiste, linen, damask, flannel, sateen, and jersey. These are different types of cotton dressing material. Much denser, 125-150 gr. square meter weight cotton is better quality and more durable, easy to maintain, its color does not fade, shrink after washing, it is particularly pleasing for the body.

In most cases the market will lead you to buy cotton because it has durability, excellent moisture absorption, is easy to maintain and especially pleasant for the body. The prices range of this type of bedding. Of course, the cheap cotton bedding set can shrink after washing and detangle, it is recommended to choose a more expensive, made ​​of high-quality, dense cotton fabric bedding.

Sateen bedding particularly welcomes those who indulge in comfort and luxury. It is not a secret that sateen bedding sets are also cotton. But they are special in a way that, they are made ​​from ultra-dense, soft, 125 gr. square meter weight, and long staple combed cotton fabric and shiny like silk. Other types of cotton like damask fabric, is sewn from extremely fine yarns and luster similar to the Atlas.